All about the Food At Blue Hole Gardens

The food at Blue Hole Gardens is something to behold! The inauguration of “the Farm”, or fruit and vegetable garden, is Blue Hole’s first step in self sufficiency, and we are proud to be able to juice our first fresh fruits and use our organic vegetables, which include sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, okra, corn, hot chilies and more.

 Fresh Fruit Blue Hole Gardens Jamaica

A large scale treatment of our current fruit trees, as well as pruning, has increased our harvests, but we will be producing fruits in quantity when our newly planted trees have begun to bare!

Nevertheless, depending on the dates that are chosen for visiting Blue Hole, our guests will be able to taste the following fruits from the property: avocados, lemons, lime, star apple, custard apple, Jamaican apple, guava, cocoa (chocolate tree), June plum, mangos, papaya, coconuts, pecan fruit and nuts, soursap and pineapples spring to mind.

We also buy fruits from the market in order to make sure that guests have all the fruits and juices that they desire during their stay.

The Food At Blue Hole Gardens – Cooked To Order

In order to satisfy different tastes and requirements, Sharna, our Housekeeper and Cook , is happy to take orders for shopping , which she will do before the guests’ arrival. The shopping service costs $17 US. This includes Sharna shopping for the clients in Savana-La-Mar.

Preparing fresh food at Blue Hole Gardens, Jamaica

Experience has shown us that a full fridge at the arrival of guests is ideal!

We would like our visitor’s to be aware of how (incredibly!) expensive is most imported food. This can come as a quite a shock for first time visitors to the Island. But despite the excessive prices, we still see that the taste of wine, cheddar cheese, real maple syrup and pancakes, fresh milk and cereals as well as bread (to name a few) are very appreciated by our guests, and often provide a familiar backdrop to Sharna’s wonderful local cuisine. Sharna keeps strict records of all food costs and receipts, which are presented as a bill at the end of each stay ; she will be happy to be questioned on every penny that has been spent , in a spirit of complete transparency.

Adventurous guests are of course welcome to do their own shopping if they prefer, and Ernel will be happy to carry everything up to the Cottage from the car!

Day Visits To The Blue Hole