Background To The Blue Hole Gardens Project

Despite the fact that we had been looking for a piece of land in Jamaica, Blue Hole Gardens came into our lives as an utter surprise — and in fact when my husband and I read the Real Estate ad on internet we actually believed it was impossible that a bottomless lagoon could be situated in the middle of a private garden! We simply thought “let’s go and have a look just for fun!” The Blue Hole Gardens Project had begun.

Little did we know that our lives were about to be changed forever, as we pushed open the old blue doors, and entered the garden for the first time .

About the Project at Blue Hole

We gazed at the sparkling turquoise water, utterly mesmerised. The surrounding garden appeared to us to be a tropical version of Sleeping Beauty, with the vegetation overgrown, wild, and as if untouched and unvisited for the past 100 years.

It occurred to us that such an extraordinary property was without doubt the chance of a lifetime, and the breathtaking possibility of creating a garden entirely around the Blue Hole, was more than we could have hoped for in our wildest dreams.

We set out to work the very day we obtained the property titles in October of 2012, embarking on an adventure that was soon to possess every moment of our free time, and all the financial resources that we could muster.

Creating The Blue Hole Gardens Project

Quickly joined by my husband’s daughter Marie and her Jamaican husband Rick, new plans to extend our work to include humanitarian projects emerged, and with it our first University volunteers.

Blue Hole Gardens grew to include a beautiful cottage rental, a Tourist Attraction and a large fruit and vegetable garden (affectionately called “ the Farm”), maintained with the help of volunteers for the benefit of the school children of Roaring River.

Now all five of our children (and many of their friends) contribute with their individual talents, each in their own way, to helping us with our dream…and it is they and the wonderful members of the community that have made “Blue” what it is today.

Day Visits To The Blue Hole