The Blue Hole, Jamaica

A victorian covered garden gate leads from the main road into the Blue Hole Gardens, a tropical sanctuary and swimming spot open to the public. Everything about Blue Hole Gardens is simply magical.

The Blue Hole itself is a turquoise coloured sink hole of pure spring water, emerging from subterranean caves beneath the garden. During the rainy season the pool is approximately 100 ft in wide, and during the dry season the water descends down to the ‘eye’, about 30 ft down from the garden level, at the entrance of the caves.

About Blue Hole Gardens And The Source

To our knowledge only one person has attempted to go down into the source of the Blue Hole with oxygen, and though he went down as far as he could and was surrounded by large fish swimming around him, he found no bottom in sight! A stone stairway descends from the gardens down into the Blue Hole, and so at any time of the year it is easy and safe to enter and come out of the water.

Steps to Blue Hole Gardens Swimming Hole

Nothing can quite describe the sensation of swimming in this silent, deep water, followed by schools of baby mullet fish, and surrounded by hummingbirds, cascades of pink and white bougainvillea flowers, and orchids hanging from the trees!

No two days are ever alike for the Blue Hole, which changes in colour from deep jade, to every hue of aqua and turquoise — depending on the season, the light or the rain. Filled with life, and source of life for the entire garden and Turtle River, the Blue Hole is the main spring head of the entire Roaring River Water Sanctuary, which harbours several smaller fresh water springs just behind our gardens.

About The Landscapes And Swimming At Blue Hole Gardens

A gazebo, which also serves as a small chapel for weddings, looks out onto the Blue Hole and its circle of flowers, creating a beautiful vantage point to contemplate the formal garden from all directions. At the far end of the garden a branch of Turtle river flows through the property, and in Turtle river itself two swimming spots have been created.

These delightful landscaped stone steps allow guests to descend safely into the water and to wade under a small cascade. Famously called “the Jacuzzi”, Bob Marley benefited from the powerful river current for massage at this same spot. A second, quieter pool is ideal for small children.

Day Visits To The Blue Hole